Native Instruments Audio 2 Dj Usb 2.0 Interface – Size Does Not Matter

Native Instruments has always lived up to the expectations of people in providing great software. But today, they are also becoming more and more popular for creating great hardware, especially when it comes to computer audio and USB audio interfaces. And with their latest product, the new Audio 2 DJ USB 2.0 Interface, they are about to prove themselves great once again.

The Audio 2 DJ will surely feed any digital DJ’s craving for high quality, extremely mobile audio interface whether they are using TRAKTOR or other DJing and performance software. Native Instruments did make a statement with this one – it is the smallest DJ USB soundcard in the world, BUT still has the enough punch to shake the world’s biggest clubs down.

Struggling entry level DJs who are looking for the ultimate portability possible for an audio interface without compromising audio quality will find their prayers answered with the Audio 2 DJ. And if you are a digital DJ who does not really need audio recording or time code control, then you got everything that you need with the Audio 2 DJ.

One great thing about the Audio 2 DJ is that, you can practically hook it up in any computer as long as you have a USB 2.0 cable. Its two quarter inch output channels also provides flexibility since it can either be used to route stereo signals to an external mixer, or as a master out and headphone monitor when using the internal mixer of your existing performance software. All you will need is your laptop, and the Audio DJ 2 USB 2.0 is good to go!

If you are thinking that because it is so small, it must have cut its corners in the sound quality department, well you are wrong. You will be amazed that Native Instruments guarantees super high end Circus Logic AD/DA converters. That means you get ultra low latency drivers, hi gain output levels (reaching up to 9.7 dBu on both channels) as well as ultra wide frequency response despite the extremely portable size of the Audio 2 DJ! So, even when you are holding the smallest USB audio interface in the world, you will get uncompromised sound quality and clarity with every detail of your music.

Size is not an issue with the new Audio 2 DJ USB 2.0 Interface from Native Instruments. Having a size no larger than a deck of cards, this bus-powered audio interface literally fits in a pocket and still can accommodate even the most demanding club systems. It houses a new balance of quality, size, and price. So go and get the Native Instruments’ Audio 2 DJ USB 2.0 Interface, today!

Which Is The Best Music Maker Software For Beginners

When you’re starting out making your own music with a little or no knowledge at all, it’s better to begin with a software that is easy to use, but also has a good high quality output. There are not much programs out there that satisfy these conditions. To name the two I made good experiences with, DUBturbo and Fruity Loops, they both fit into this category. They differ in their prices pretty much though. While DUBturbo has a comparatively low price of about 50$, for Fruity Loops the standard price is 199$.

It’s more lucrative to start with DUBturbo. However, it’s up to you to choose a program that satisfies your needs most and suits best for your style and music genre. I’m sure there are more good programs on the market, so take a look around by yourself if you don’t like DUBturbo or Fruity Loops. For me as a hip hop and house music producer, DUBturbo is an ideal solution. It has everything you need to produce hip hop beats and the black club beats which are getting more and more popular right now. You have all the drums and percussions, synth sounds, samples and orchestral instruments you’ll need in order to produce nice hip hop beats. For electro and house music, I recommend Fruity Loops, but you would have to download a few external VST-plugins, like Albino and Blue from Rob Papen for example, to have really good synth sounds.

For the start, before you spend money, you should download a free demo of the product you consider to buy. Experiment around with the software and find out if it suits your needs. The key is to have a good look on the program itself, but also on the features it includes, like VST-plugins, soundfonts, drum packages and effect sounds. You’ll need all of this to produce good sounding music, and if these features aren’t included, you’ll have to buy them and spend much extra money which you could use on buying hardware like a keyboard or an MPC for example.

You see, choosing the right software is very important and will save you much time and money on your process to becoming a successful producer. DUBturbo and Fruity Loops are just two of many programs out there, but they happened to be the two I had the best results and most fun with. If you decide to make your own music now, the software is just the first step, but if done right, it’s a big one.

Reasons You Should Listen To Music More

Did you ever consider the idea of trying to listen to music more? How far did you go with the idea? Although many have thought about it at one time or another, few have ever actually gotten serious about it. Some lack the energy or initiative to ever really get started off. Some were uncertain about where to start, so they just fiddled around and never got started. Some got turned off, scared off by the unknowns. Still others didn’t understand the benefits, lacked good information, made a half-hearted attempt, failed and turned to something else.

You get a clearer picture of what action to take when you have enough info. So let’s go ahead and examine 3 reasons why you might want to listen to music more.

Reason Number 1, music is a powerful tool to change your mood to anything that you want. O.K., I understand you when you object that music can spread bad messages, and is full of violence references I concede your point, but music can be a tool to spread good messages, that can help people love and live life in a great way.

Second, music can just make you feel great when you are feeling down. Plus, you get to listen to great musical instruments. And you can listen to the different perspectives people have about life

Third and last, you can create music that makes you feel good, such as playing the piano. This will most likely mean that you become a much more creative person as a whole. Once again, you listen to a lot of different genres of music to find high quality things that you love!

Think about those three reasons, consider them. For many, they make a compelling case for seriously considering trying to listen to music more. Do they convince you?

Seriously now, just think about it for a moment. Don’t those reasons apply to you? Perhaps you really should listen to music more.

Dj Stage Lighting Systems And Effects

Have you actually been on stageand could barely see what you have been doing because of bad lighting? Doing so can trigger problems because you may mess up what you are playing. If you ponder it, you may also get injured or escape equipment becausebeingin darkness can trigger you to tripor knock into objects. Luckily there are DJ stage lighting effects which are really worth thinking of building to your gear. Not only will you be able to see what you are doing clearer, you will be able to enhance the ambience that in the end will lead to a higher quality performance.
One kind of stage lighting effect unit worth considering is color changing bars. These bars range in sizes, with many being on the more compact size but offering a large quantity of ultra bright colors. Such bars can offer hundreds of color combinations and effects. These usually can be run by distinct modes. Typical modes are auto, program, sound active, and DMX. It is ideal for stage lighting and can additionally be utilized together the dancing flooring for a unique effect.
A lot ofstagelighting effects appear in LED that is additionally beneficial for a lot of reasons. One such LED stagelight to take into account are shadebankeffect units. This kind of units might be hung from the walls or the ceiling, and also set on the flooring! The shade financial institution units vary in lamps, but normally there will be 4 lamps on every unit. The common lamp colours are green, purple, red, and yellow. They run routinely or by sound. It is perfect for any DJ setup.
Another LED DJ stagelighting effect which you may need to add to yourgearare shade tubes. These LED shade tubes eat really little power, release zero heat, and have a life-span of approximately 30,000 hours! The tube comes with a remoteto control shade changes as well as other effects. The LED shade tubes involve walls mounting brackets and a foundation to mount the tube vertically. The effects of these tubes are ideal when there is over one in the area. Theyare perfect for a variety of entertainers, which includes mobile DJs.
Adding stage lighting effects to your gearis an critical conclusion to make. Because there are a lot of kinds of lighting effectunits obtainable it is a great thought to do research and locate the one which will go well with you ideal. Also if you already have a stagelight, building more will additionally enhance your performance. Stagelighting effects add fun for each you and your spectator that is sure to give every person an astounding time!

The Use Of Podsafe Music In Podcasting

Podsafe music is music which is safe to broadcast over the internet through podcasts. The term Podsafe is a broad term that may refer to any one of many given licenses granting permission for use of music explicitly in podcast broadcasting, although the use of said music may not be implicit to other forms of broadcasting such as radio or television. Many of these licenses, but not all, are valid generally upon the satisfaction of giving attribution to the artist or creator, and an implied agreement to noncommercial use of the works.

The use of music which is not considered to be podsafe could result in legal action, fines, or retribution for works used. Now as many podcasters are beginning to look to turning a profit from their podcasting, the distinction between what would be considered noncommercial and what would be considered commercial is becoming a little more vague.

Unfortunately as podcasting continues to grow wildly in popularity the use of music which is not licensed and is not podsafe continues to grow as well. Many of these podcasters may not even be aware that the music that they use is not properly licensed for podcasting. It wouldn’t be surprising that if in the future the RIAA would begin to aggressively target podcasters, both those who willingly infract on artists’ licensing rights, and those who unknowingly do so.

The use of music in podcasting is varied ranging from daily radio shows, sampler shows, band reviews, and simple background music. For those who have decided to use music which has been established as podsafe there are several web sites, where aspiring and established podcasters can go, that list and offer podsafe music. Most notable, and my personal favorite, is, a fantastic website for aspiring artists, clearly has music marked whether or not it is under a Creative Commons License. Another site with a large availability of podsafe music is

The single general rule of using music in your podcast should be that if you’re not sure if it’s podsafe, then don’t use it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Nobody wants a wonderful hobby to turn into a financial liability, considering the fact that over the past decade the RIAA has turned from a simple guard dog into a ravenous and rabid 800 pound bear, who would want to chance it.

Origin And Influence Of Spanish Music

Basically Flamenco music explains the authenticity of the southern spanish art form. To know more about the Flamenco music we have to explain in detail. This form of music is basically of three types Cane the song, Baile the dance and Guitarra the guitar. Spanish regional music has the mixture of many cultures. This is because many countries have dominated Spain. So Spain music got a blend of all this cultures. Gypsies are called the Fathers of Spanish music. Often there are misconception between Gypsies and Spain. This is because Spain is identical to Gypsies.

Spanish music has got the influence of Andalusia songs and dances, Tartessos, the legendary and the also the Muslims.

Truly speaking exact origin of the Spanish music can’t be determined but definitely it has showed the path of various new styles of music and dance which is quite different from rest of the Europe.

In the early days the Spanish music lyrics was affected by Moors, Greeks and Romans

Spanish church music is known as the Mozarabic chant. Some examples of the influences in the Spanish music are as follows:

During the time of early Renaissance Spanish instrumental had got the influence of Arabic Music. During the 16th centaury Spain gave birth to new style of music known as the polyphonic style. This style had got resemblance to the style of Franco-Flemish composer. During the time of the arrival of Classicism there was a famous artist known as Antonio Soler. He got his inspiration from the Italian models.

Luigi Boccherini and Domenico Scarlatti, the two famous renowned Italian composers were appointed by the Madrid Court.

So we can see that Music of Spain got various influences.

To boost of the local tourism sectors Spain organizes many music festivals round the year. The local tourist has get interest in the music. The Spain people always try their best to make the music more popular and reach the people heart. Pop and rock and roll is the most popular form of music. You will be amazed to hear that in Spain many pop stars are females. YeYe is also very famous music there. This Ye Ye is the fusion of British beat music and American rock

Some of the famous Spanish singers are Rosa Lopez, Enrique Iglesais, Miguel Bose and list goes on. Some of the famous Spanish pop bands are Greta, Los Bravos, Falling Kid, Ketama, Pereza and many more.

Regional music or folk music is also very popular among people in Spain. Folk based singers of the lyricist are very famous among the people of Spain. With Cantabrian folk music in the Basque Country you can cherish the arch and stick dances.

Rondalla and dulzaina group has popular dance music in all over Castile. Their rhythm include 5/8 charrada and circle dances, habas verdes and joya.

Review-Sun, Sand and Rock n Roll

Sun, Sand and Rock n Roll, Nikhil Lakhani, 9ine Inc., 2011, ISBN 9780982952399

This is the story of a man who seems to have it all. That is, until the day that it is taken away from him.

JB Strassenberger is the leader of a 4-piece rock band called Generation Rebel. Wherever they play, they gather more and more fans. Whatever that undefinable “it” is that distinguishes a great band from an average band, Generation Rebel is overflowing with “it.” The sky seems to be the limit. During a mass audition for Atlantic Records, JB meets KG, a guitarist who is every bit JB’s equal. After getting over his initial jealousy that he may not be the best guitarist in the world, JB arbitrarily invites KG to join Generation Rebel. As a 5-piece band, if anything, their rise to the top picks up speed. One day, they take a helicopter to Las Vagas to play some concerts. The helicopter crashes, and JB is thrown clear.

He wakes up several days later in an Indian village called Shaktipur. Located in an isolated bit of Nevada, it is behind some sort of mental barrier, so it is not accessible to the average person. JB is angry, sarcastic to everyone, and a little scared, especially when he is told that his was the only body at the crash site. There are several escape attempts, all unsuccessful. The people of Shaktipur, despite his bad behavior, because of a prophecy that a white man will join their village.

JB decides to totally change his attitude, and accept being in Shaktipur, after he meets a beautiful woman named Saraswati, the chief’s daughter. Red Rage, his beloved guitar, thought to have been lost in the crash, is returned to him, so he is able to show the villagers what he is all about. One night, the village is attacked by a shakti, a four-legged carnivorous beast that is all teeth and claws (another good reason why no one leaves the village). There are many casualties. JB finds the lair, and, with a little help from his friends, does battle with the shakti, armed only with Red Rage. During JB and Saraswati’s wedding celebration, a helicopter suddenly appears and lands. The guitar battle was heard many miles away, and the authorities were notified. Does JB return to “civilization” or does he stay in Shaktipur?

Here is a great piece of writing. For those who are any sort of rock music fan, the guitar battle with the Shakti deserves to be read more than once. For everyone else, this story also has heart and emotion. It is very highly recommended.

Paul Lappen is a freelance book reviewer whose blog, Dead Trees Review, emphasizes small press and self-published books.

Alison Krauss Ive Got That Old Feeling Country Music Cd Review

Not sure whats happening with me on this one, but it seems like the more I listen to it, the better I’ve Got That Old Feeling gets. I’ve Got That Old Feeling simply put is one of Alison Krausss best CDs to date.

I wish it werent the case but, its not everyday that I get a CD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that I just cant force myself to get through. Not at all the case with I’ve Got That Old Feeling. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

Country music fans will recognize some of the well known guests that have been assembled to play along with Krauss on several of the tracks. Artists like Bil VornDick and Jerry Douglas just to name a couple.

I’ve Got That Old Feeling is a first rate CD, delivering a little something for everyone. I give it two thumbs up. Its quite simply great listening. A must buy if you’re even mildly into Country music.

While the entire CD is really very good the truly standout tunes are track 1 – I’ve Got That Old Feeling, track 3 – Wish I Still Had You, and track 5 – Winter Of A Broken Heart.

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore […as in “Stuck On REpeat”] is track 11 – That Makes One Of Us. Wow!

I’ve Got That Old Feeling Release Notes:

Alison Krauss originally released I’ve Got That Old Feeling on July 1, 1991 on the Rounder Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. I’ve Got That Old Feeling 2. Dark Skies 3. Wish I Still Had You 4. Endless Highway 5. Winter Of A Broken Heart 6. It’s Over 7. Will You Be Leaving 8. Steel Rails 9. Tonight I’ll Be Lonely Too 10. One Good Reason 11. That Makes One Of Us 12. Longest Highway

Scrubb A Different Indie Approach

Thai power-pop and rock group Scrubb bring to spotlight their softer side in an exceptional Best of album.

It is quite surprising to know that Thai indie band Scrubb in Thailand. Surprising indeed since vocalist Muey Thawachpol Wongboonsiri and guitarist Ball Torpong Chantabuppha are grubby, sloppy musicians who flavor Beatlesque tunes with sympathetic lyrics. There are even no suggestions of rock star glamour to light them comparing to other, more vivid acts in the Thai music industry; although getting your way through their jam-packed venues during live performances might suggest otherwise. Scrubbs latest release, Chood Lek (Little Collection), contains an appealing indie and a deliberate environmental cover. The tracks gathered in this Best of album are remarkably catchy.

Their album opener, Ter mhoon rorb chun chun mhoon rorb ter (You Revolve Around Me, I Revolve Around You), which is also their first single off the album is a more meditative merry marching beat of Yellow Submarine. The piano tinkles and cadence pa-pa-pas wrap up the gentle wonder evoked by the song. Mueys ode to songwriting, Pleng khong rao (Our Song), pulls up the hooks although at this time around he renders it with a knee-buckling gentleness. The songs delicately soaring chorus accompanied by simple cool, clean lead guitars is more likely defines Scrubbs music.

Another good play, Glai (Near), launches with a riff that treads playfully before going into a fantastically careless, heartrending chorus. Just like Brit-folk duo Turin Brakes plus a hint of Norways indie band Kings of Conveniences distinctive stillness – as the tune Art Bar presents. The dazzling electronic flourishes and the consciously twisty melody collaborate like a dreams afterglow: the dreams heavy nevertheless buoyancy is tangible.

Most tracks in the Chood Lek sounds they were re-recorded or re-mastered; though as compared to the less effective production of previous albums, it seems like the older songs have a more passionate, acoustic flavor to them.

The best introduction Scrubb music is their latest album, Chood Lekis. Although the songs were written years apart, they have a fluid affinity with each other which is not found in most Best of records. Even though the styles vary from bossanova to dreamy pop to folk rock, Scrubb gets them down with a calm and breezy musical sensibility. Their tracks are captivatingly easy on the ears making you feel everyday is a Sunday.

The History Of Reggae Music

Originating Region This music came from the Caribbean islands where Calypso, ska, rock steady and dancehall all blended right into a version of the music we know and enjoy today. It is possible to find all these styles in addition to reggae when looking for free online music. Jamaica is the most well-known country where this music considers home. The favored and known producer, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry stays here and creates numerous desirable hits. This man is responsible for many artists’ careers and ideally will keep discovering brand-new voices for this groundbreaking music.

Famous Music artists When hunting no cost online music and searching for this uplifting style you may love to know some of the best artists in existence. Obviously Bob Marley is a given, he’s produced more than a few big radio hits that people love to dance or sing to. He rendered the music well-known on radios across the world and there are few individuals who are not familiar with the lyrics to his music. Horace Andy and Burning Spear are recognized for getting the music and songs outside of the islands. You might also like to consider Jimmy Cliff, Johnny Nash, or Dosmond Dekker. UB40, The Police, The Clash and The Selectors are groups that integrated reggae into rock producing a fairly easy to recognize as well as entertaining blend of music.

Social Problems And Reggae With the significantly heated discussions that usually surround free web based music, it’s intriguing to learn that reggae often speaks about heated social problems with its verse. Many well-known songs discuss poverty, religion as well as marijuana use. It’s quite normal for the particular music to turn into a debatable or even get banned from the air as a result of recurrent fashion that it endorses marijuana utilization.

Maintain your music library up to date and worldly with the addition of some of this excellent music from no cost online music. Think of which music artists you’d enjoy having a selection of their songs first. Find any one of the amazing music artists and find out which of their hits you want the most. Spend a little time hunting out a number of the hit singles, albums that blend reggae and rock, or music you will likely have by no means listened to before and check out something new.