Technics Turntables The Best Pro Turntables Reviewed Here

When you are looking at selecting the ideal platform for your necessities you really need to constantly think about if you need the PRO or the Beginner plus cheap platform. For the PRO’s there are Technics Turntables the most standard plus best branded turntables which this days are utilized by various well-known DJs worldwide plus in the event you are interested in seeing what this turntables offer then read through this particular article and discover that are the best models you can pick.

Technics Turntables are not another cheap turntables which are available for 100$, even so they are standard turntables with so many attributes which it takes you weeks to know them all. With this turntables you will make a initial step to become a PRO DJ. Prices of those range between 800$ plus up so if your pocket is tiny you really need to be trying to find non PRO turntables like the Audio Technica that promote for 100$ or less but don’t supply any matching attributes like Technics do.

Lets look at the best models:

Technics SL-1200 MK2 – The most searched plus popular model of Technics, their initial model providing an aluminium body plus thick rubber base. Made out of bright immune construction plus Quartz Locked Pitch, ultra lower speed engine with high torque (one.5kg/cm) allowing very quick start ups plus stops.

Technics SL-1210 MK5 Pro – My favourite model due to its black shape, blue LEDs and lastly actually better attributes than SL-1200 models. If you decide on Technics then this is the model you really need to be choosing as it is their current plus it offers more improved attributes for same cost. It has improved wider pitch change +/-8% plus +/-16%, pitch switch switch (2 levels) and more attributes read found on the full review page of the platform.

There are equally alternative models like the Technics SL-1200 MK5 model but the attributes are very same like any. If you pick one of their model you will get one of the best plus many standard turntables you will find online at the moment, so whatever you pick you will be good to go and be a PRO DJ, best of luck!
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Worlds Best Healing Accelerator That In The Form Of Music That Provides All The Comfort With Tune

Human body is the most complicated but best creation of nature. That is why, being same in creation almost, people have different types of choices, habits and hobbies. However, there is one most common hobby of almost all people in the world. Music is the only hobbies that have healing quality and capacity. There are several types of music that beneficiates you through many ways. Meditation Music helps to focus with more concentration on mind. It helps to decrease your tension and stress for better relaxation. Meditation cannot be discouraging when it mined with music. It brings you to the next level of meditation where you find yourself relax. Instrumental Music is another form of music that provides peace to your mind. So many songs have very good music but the words have no effects on mind while listening because they are meaningless. That is why the instrumental version of those songs is more popular and has good alternatives of all those songs.

There are many form so music that hits directly the mind and heart along with the ears. Ambient Music is such type of music that has very good and effective approach to the listeners. Kind of musical genere mainly focuses on sounds timbral characteristics. It is a kind of music, which soothes the listeners. There are many form of Relaxing Music, which are using by music directors and composers to mixed it with lyrics and make it better with the blend of instruments and words in rhythmic way. It is the talent of an artist, that he/ she can make such music, which touches soul directly. Relaxing Music is also very good healer of pain.

Everyone knows that music have also curable qualities that can treat many patients to get well soon. Yoga Music provides the facility to do yoga while listening music. It energizes mind and soul of listener and provides extra energy to perform well in all physical works. It is kind of Meditation Music that heals the inner pain and wounds. While doing yoga music provides extra effort to get the top of comfort to the body and mind. Meditating music provides variety of musical options that soothes every person while listening. Instrumental Music is very effective mean that touches the string of brain and comforts you to the top level of meditation. Ambient Music is also very effective mean to get meditation for all age groups. All these form of Relaxing Music is highly necessary in the stressful life of human being.

Different Genres Of Country Music

Country music began to gain momentum at the beginning of the twentieth century. From humble roots in the United States, country has gained recognition all over the world and evolved to the point where there are two types of country music, classic country and mainstream country music. On internet radio, you can find your favorite country hits. >

These two separate country styles share some features, but are inherently dissimilar. The way the music is composed, the rhythm is structured and chords are used are all entirely different. The style that is best of course, is in the heart of the listener?

Long time country music listeners are more apt to be in favor of classic country music. The rhythm of the song is easy to remember and understand. More often than not, the songs are all about events that occurred and heroes that lived in days gone by. The lyrics for classic country music are meaningful and easy to relate to, as they often reflect a way of living or the hardships of life. More people discover classic country on a daily basis, rendering it a profitable niche for recording companies, that continue to profit from the hits of yesteryear. No matter how old a song may be it still has a certain charisma that endears the music to the current generation of radio listeners. You may say that the charm of the old country hits still persists to this day. Listen to all of your favorite country hits on free online radio.

Mainstream country music, on the other hand, is more popular with the younger generation and combines the old with the new. Today, the sound of classic country music is combined with overtones of other genres of music, with numerous songs becoming crossover hits garnering lots of airtime on non-country stations. These “hybrid” hits make country more enticing for today’s teens and under-forty crowd; country music is not just for the “old” people anymore. It also helps that many of mainstream country music’s singers are winners of popular singing competitions or are bands that are really popular today. Classic country music is still popular because of its charm, but mainstream country music is growing by leaps and bounds in recognition and popularity because it is current, accessible and upbeat.

So, what is your favorite genre of country? It really doesn’t matter, music is music. No matter what type or genre, music connects people. Country music reflects a culture that, no matter what happens, will never die down; country music is evolving, becoming something that even young people can relate to.

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Creating A Punk Antenna Head For The Next Party Bash You Hold

The fun that was there to be had back in the eighties is something that a lot of people don’t want to forget. This is why there are a lot of parties lately with the eighties theme portrayed in the crafts and games.

Punk antenna heads are a craft that you should consider trying for your next party if you want to throw people back in to the fun eighties when the punk culture ruled.ed.

The most important things you will need are styrofoam balls and some attractive pipe cleaners for the mohawk. The eyes can be from old buttons and some acrylic paints will transform the overall look of the heads. You will also need some glue to hold things in place and some spray matte finish sealer.

The first thing you need to do is make your styrofoam ball the color of flesh with your acrylic paints. Once this is dry you can then paint on the mouth in the shape of the expression you want it to have.

Take your pipe cleaner and cut it into the lengths that will serve for the right height of the mohawk. Once the ball is dry you can begin poking holes for the mohawk with your pipe cleaner.

You can decide to make two rows of the pipe cleaners or one depending on how full you want the mohawk to look. You will then glue your pieces of pipe cleaners into these holes so as to make the actual mohawk.

When this is all dry it will be time to seal the whole craft with a spray matte finish sealer. Leave it in a well ventilated area to completely dry out.

The last task will be to stick on the buttons for the eyes and you can then use the fake beads for any of the accessories you would like your punk antenna head to have like earrings or just for decorative purposes.

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Online Music Distribution – A Lifeline For Indie Artists

Those who mine their sources for information about the music industry know that raw talent is probably the last factor that contributes to making someone a star. Marketing skills and connections, for example, are much more important factors. This is why people with little to no musical talent – think of princesses and heiresses, not naming any names – get to release tracks and get them heard by the world, while the fully dedicated and talented guitarist languishes in his garage or bedroom.

The Internet, luckily, has become a lifeline for such independent musicians. Now, they no longer need a “sugar daddy” to get their music heard by the public. With some studio time, a well-made track and some clever naming, it is possible to get your music heard by the world, and evaluated on its own merit rather than on the strength of their PR skills.

While the mainstream always remains the mainstream, every generation of music-lovers sees a certain percentage of people who are dedicated to their favourite indie artists. Some of them, in fact, are completely against the mainstream music of their day, arguing that it goes against their values or is just not cutting-edge enough. In order to get what they think is the best music of their day, they have to look underground.

Much greater in number than the indie-fanatics are the people who swear that no good music is being made in their day. These people would be highly receptive to independent record labels… if only they knew that such things existed. THESE are the people who are most likely to be influenced enormously by the online music industry.

Stores such as iTunes and Amazonmp3 have put the big names right on the same level as the indie label. While super-hit tracks are priced higher than obscure ones on these stores, all average songs stay at the same price tag. This gives rise to an interesting situation – listeners can access the big hits for free on the radio or the television, or they can pay a nominal sum to purchase something that sounds promising. Additionally, the pressure to make a large investment and splurge on an album goes away, as single-track purchase is the norm on online stores. As if this were not enough motivation, people can access 30-second previews of tracks before making a purchase – something that allows them to judge whether or not something is of value worth buying.

For the independent musician, then, making money off music is easier than ever before. No need to spend on fuel and equipment to sell your music from your car a la Ani DiFranco. Just make the requisite clicks, and wait for the revenue to start coming in!

The Elite Country Music Top 10 Charts

It’s a daunting thing, when you think about going from nowhere to “NOW” here in the country music game. A total new comer to the country music and singing industry can break through to the country music top 10 charts in a matter of months, or it could take many years to become the “overnight success” that everyone loves to listen to in the end.

But for a great many, it’s the elation of singing and writing country tunes and then performing them to any size crowd and getting lost in the tune that so many country artists love, it’s the emotion that is evoked from their songs.

And wow haven’t there been some super songs hit the country music top 10 charts over the years? With the likes of the kings of country George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brookes and the new big hitters on the scene like Faith Hill, Taylor Swift and Black Shelton and evern more emerging, it’s just been one amazing journey to enjoy unfold.

It would be a crying shame to start in the country music business however and not have aspirations to some day make it into the country music top 10 list for at least one song. For me, I’m just not sure which one that will be, however, with a mindset of spiritual creation and anything being possible, my intent is firmly fixed on getting songs out there which inspire people. Bringing them closer to their feelings and connecting them to their emotions is what a great country story should do and when you put it into a song, it somehow just engulfs people into it which is my aim and the aim of every country singer.

I’ve been following quite a number of singers in the country music top 10 for quite some time, and as of this writing, there’s the amazing Dierks Bentley sitting at number 4 with his song “5-1-5-0” which is just a great song, and then Kenny Chesney sitting at number 5 with “Come Over” which is probably one of the most repetitive country songs I’ve ever heard but catchy none the less, I think anyone less.

So no matter whether you have the joyful goal of getting your songs into the country music top 10 charts or just being a day-to-day artist enjoying life, writing songs and performing them to grateful crowds, I say “Go For It” and really take in the amazing journey. But you must admit, there would be nothing more exhilirating than the buzz of hearing one of your own songs being played nationally on the charts.

Ultra Modern Dj Lighting Equipment

Regardless of whether you havebeen a DJ for years, or a beginner, there is a huge wide variety of lighting equipment to discover. You may have a vision in your mind of exactlywhat sort of effects you are looking for, or you may get ideas while browsing. Whichever the case may be, there is sure to be lighting equipment suitable for your style and budget. You may need to add one easy light, or produce a light show. The opportunities are countless and easy to determine and add to your gear.
Adding lighting equipment that offers effects is excellent option. It not solely changes the temper of the efficiency, it adds a more professional-feel. Price ranges on light effect equipment differ along with the features. The dance floorcan very easily be remodeled by a easy unit. Imagine a unit that creates over 30 multi-colored beams that crisscross with sound activity by its interior microphone. That is just one instance of the a lot of kinds of units DJs and clubs use.
The moonflower breed of unit will often involve various hues along with designs. These might be projected on dance floors, partitions, and ceilings. They often will play in unique settings including auto, static, and sound. In sound manner the colors and patternsmoveto the music. A lot of lighting effects equipment including the moonflowers are lightweight and easy to set up with its hanging brackets.
As soon as you possess extra lighting equipment to your gear, possess you thought concerning how it is possible to safely transport and keep it? Fortunately there are safe means to retain the lighting from starting to be damaged. Holdcasesfor lighting safeguard various models of equipment. Most of the caseseven possess tires and drag handle for easy transport. Thecasesare intended and padded to safeguard and extend the lifestyle of the lighting equipment. Frequently thosecasesadditionally consist of secured zipper pockets which conveniently carry lamps, added light clamps, and cables. Not solely do thecasesoffer security to the equipment, it additionally saves transport and storage room by getting the light fixturesstacked instead of becoming boxed. Extensive opportunities allow equipment to be rapidly removed. Carrying casesare perfect for maintaining you prepared along with your equipment free from damages.
Adding lighting equipment is a must-have for all DJs. Also if you are a mobile DJ, lighting equipment is easy to transport and set-up at shows. Lighting equipment ranges in types and prices. One can drastically alter your efficiency by adding a easy lighting effect unit. You will not have to be anxious concerning harmful any of the equipment, since hauling circumstances are hassle-free in defending and transporting all of you gear. It is certainly really worth taking into consideration adding lighting equipment to your set.

A Glimpse Of Australian Country Music

Australian country music has a surprisingly lengthy deep rooted tradition. And people mainly think of South America when they think country music traditionally. Or at minimum, they just think of America. But there is some very good sounding singers coming from Australia and they’re really worth getting to know, as they’re making quite an impression in America, UK, Canada and Germany.

Of the first in Australia, Olivia Newton-John probably was one of the first associated with country music. She had quite a few big hits in the 70’s and also, was quite famous in the movie scene, recording Grease where she co-starred with John Travolta, which didn’t have one iota of counry music in it. To find her real country music, you need to dig deep, and search elsewhere to find it. For example, John Denver wrote a song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

The most successful Australian country music export has been Keith Urban and he could very well be Australia’s claim to country music fame. Following in his footsteps, born and bred Adam Brand, has also started to carve a very nice US career. Both have won virtually every award Australian country music can offer them.

Kasey Chambers is also an excellent singer/songwriter. She has had great success in her home country, but has not caught on as much in other countries. However, she is a very emotional and powerful performer, and deserves much more success. She’s the daughter of steel guitar player, Bill Chambers, and brother to producer Nash Chambers.

Australia also has it’s fair share of amazing country music festivals. The main one being Tamworth Country Music Festival, and there’s also the “Bundy Bash” in Bundaberg Queensland, which is very famous for supporting indie Australian country music artists.

The Gympie Muster festival began near Gympie, Queensland in 1982. This non-profit community-based gathering raises money for charitable causes. It brings in about 25,000 concert goers each year. It also features talent ranging from mainstream performers, to alternative country.

Lastly, there is the Mildura Country Music Festival, which spotlights the Australian Independent Country Music Awards annually each October.

All the famous songs about truckers, bush life, and outlaws, there’s a lot in common with US country music. But there’s a lot of Australian country music songs influenced by Celtic and English folk music also. This was derived from American country music, but is still varied enough to be quite unique in it’s sound.

Nobody will ever confuse country music with world music, but it would be wrong to suggest that the style is not truly international these days. Country music is popular in Australia, and just about every place else.

England’s Annual Indie Rock Party The Reading Festival

The arts and entertainment industries of England have continuously remained one of the world’s finest. Popular music has been amongst the favourite genres of music of the English people and England remains the birthplace of some of the world’s oldest and most-anticipated popular music events of the world. >

The Reading Festival is an annual popular music festival that remains the oldest music festival of its kind in existence. Held every year at Little John’s Farm on Richfield Avenue in central Reading, England, this three decade-old music festival has seen many changes through the years. Originating from the National Jazz Festival it has grown to become a large-scale festival for artists of rock, alternative, punk, indie and metal genres. First held in 1961, the festival has changed its name many times and has been carried out in four different venues before finally settling in Reading in 1971. In the 1970s and 1980s, progressive rock, metal, punk rock and blues bands would dominate the artist line-up. Following a ban in 1984 in order to develop the site of the festival, the Reading Festival was forced to relocate to the fields adjacent to the original site in 1986.

Strictly catering to the tastes of avant-garde music-lovers, the festival faced low attendance in the late 1980s due to attempt to bring in commercial mainstream pop musicians. However, by 1992 the music festival, after a few changes to its music policy, was able to draw in large numbers of fans and grew in popularity. In 1991, the world-famous band Nirvana made their first appearance at the festival. Soon afterwards, bands that would eventually go on to achieve worldwide acclaim, such as Suede, Blur, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and Prodigy, began making memorable appearances at the festival. In 1998, the Phoenix Music Festival was incorporated into the Reading Festival. Today, the festival is able to hold an audience of up to 87,000 attendees. The festival is composed of various stages, including the NME/Radio 1 Stage, Alternative Tent Main Stage, BBC Introducing Stage, Dance Tent, Festival Republic Stage, and the Lock Up Stage. Some of the notable performances seen recently at the Reading Festival include those by Radiohead, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and Kings of Leon.

Fans of rock and alternative music will surely find the Reading Festival an exciting experience and an opportunity to witness some of the world’s most-loved bands perform live. Many UK hotel special offers can be found for on any England hotels guide for those who wish to have a wonderful yet affordable accommodation during the festival. The Millennium & Copthorne Hotels UK will complete the incredible experience attendees will have in this fantastic feast of music.

Dj School And Music Production School Takes Over Calgary

Beat Drop is an electronic music production school and dj school in Calgary Alberta Canada. They are one of Canadas only Ableton training centers and offer courses in music production, synthesis, music theory, mixing, mastering, djing, turntablism and much more.

They are a community of musicians, DJs and producers of all genres who enjoy producing, creating and performing music.

Beat Drop believes in hands-on experiential learning from instructors who are gifted teachers, in the trenches as well as making their own living in the background music industry. The actual DJ college is taught by Disc-jockey instructors that make a living performing and actively playing live in night clubs and locations across Canada.

Their hands-on teaching style, small class dimensions, modern day minimalistic approach to equipment & gear, with their talented teachers make it easier for students to reach their musical objectives.

Their focus is to remove the barrier that exists when trying to get your musical idea a bit low to be felt by others. Through mentorship and instruction, they desire to help release students creativeness.

With a concentrate on fundamentals each their Disc-jockey School as well as Music Production School educate skills which will translate into any genre. From compression and EQ to setbacks and reverbs, present day production techniques that will outlast any trend or growing trend.

The Disc-jockey school concentrates on old school basic principles while adopting new college technology. These people teach beat matching along with turntables while at the same time teaching software like Serato and Traktor. If you never properly learn to beat match a person cutting yourself short and can never be able to fully take advantage of modern day technology. Head DJ School Teacher DJ C-Sik (3 time Calgary DMC Champ) explains that if you learn how to beat complement and play out on 2 turntables and a mixer you will have no problem transitioning to other mediums like CDJs or even Controllers.

Songs Production School course creator Mitch Lee describes that Ableton Live has become the industry standard with regard to music production and live performance because of its distinctive design as well as simplistic approach to music creation. That is why they’ve chosen Ableton Reside as its main DAW to teach and instruct along with. With its distinctive Session View and more conventional Arrangement View Ableton is a breathe of fresh air when it comes to getting your ideas out of your head as well as onto the digital canvas.

Beat Drop is quickly becoming the fastest growing DJ School and Music Production School in all of Western Canada. For more information check out